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Healthcare decentralized, with Fio Corporation

Fio’s mission is to decentralize health care, enabling low-resource communities desperately in need of health care to receive quality, timely care. Through the development of a digital ecosystem of healthcare technology, Fio removed the need for rural communities to travel long distances to receive treatment. Our challenge was to re-imagine and expand Fio’s digital healthcare delivery.

Guided medical workflows

Building on Fio’s existing Deki rapid diagnostic test device and data-portal, FioNet; we introduced a tablet application, the Care Coordinator, to further digitize medical processes and improve quality of care.

Remote rapid testing

Fio’s Deki Reader is the world’s first universal Rapid Diagnostic Test reader, enabling remote communities to receive a diagnosis and treatment in the same afternoon, a vast improvement from the current need to travel many days to the nearest hospital to be tested, and again to receive treatment.

Analyze medical trends

Fio’s second generation of technology not only processes tests and tracks basic positive/negative and usage data, it guides healthcare workers through procedures, tracks inventory, and provides detailed trends and analytics. Our work helped in Fio brokering it’s largest roll-out in history, and entering new markets.

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